Taco Joint – Dallas, TX

Find yourself craving tacos amidst the Dallas taco craze?  Me too!  I have eaten more and more tacos lately.  Not all places are surefire winners.  There are two camps to approaching a taco shack menu.  Some follow expressionist ideals by grabbing sour cream and salsa squeeze bottles and serve a place of tacos mirroring a Pollack painting.  Others follow more traditional flavors and presentations by focusing on great executions of classic taco flavors.  One of these great places is The Taco Joint.

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Intro to Pulled Pork – Part 1 – Brine and Dine

Yes I am a Texas boy who loves BBQ.  Yes I absolutely love Brisket.  But you have to admit there is something about Pulled Pork that really attracts the BBQ lover.  Brisket is bold and meaty and dense in flavor.  Pork is lighter in flavor and takes well to seasonings and marinades.  Since Kroger had Pork Butt on sale, (bone in of course – don’t be a pretender and go boneless) I thought nothing would be better than a Saturday of pork, beer, and football.  But good pulled pork takes time and some prep.  I had to get started
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Nic’s Grill – OkC, OK

Nic's Burger Combo

I took a road trip a while back across the Red to Oklahoma. As I usually do with new destinations, I checked the Man v. Food Episode Guide as well as DDD.  However I enjoyed Flavortown USA for some time.  I like that their site will include YouTube video from the show.  At Flavortown, I came across the profile for Nic’s Grill.  I remember watching this episode on DDD because it featured a unique OKC staple that I have never had, Onion Burgers.
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CT’s Real Deal BBQ – Dallas, TX

Brisket and Sausage Plate

As I continue going through my list of BBQ places, I land in sunny Oak Cliff.  CTs Real Deal BBQ is #10 in Daniel Vaughn’s Best BBQ in Dallas article appearing in D Magazine in 2010.  CTs is a neighborhood type place in the middle of Oak Cliff.  Located next door to a car wash, our Saturday trip provided the crowd needed to understand the heart of Oak Cliff.  As we parked, we saw several workers taking a break under trees.  They were eating lunch.  They were eating CT’s.
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