Jack Stack Barbecue – Martin City (KC), MO

Another work trip another opportunity to eat some barbecue outside my normal routine. And these are paid for by my company which make it even better. Upon seeing a scheduled stop in Kansas City, I knew I would have several options for great ‘cue.
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Leon’s World’s Finest In & Out Barbecue – Galveston, TX

The Texas Monthly Top 50 Barbecue List is a coveted list that any self respecting Barbecue Joint aspires for.  When the list was published I was not surprised that Leon’s was on the list. Why?  My dad (who lives in Galveston) kept telling me about this great little place that serves great ribs. I knew a trip the Leon’s would be required on my next visit.
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Peg Leg Porker BBQ – Nashville, TN

With my work day done and a few hours to spare before heading to the airport, it was time for some dinner.  I could have hit up Nashville’s well known hot chicken scene or settled for some home cooking.  But I wanted one last taste (at least for this trip) of Tennessee style pulled pork.  I had tweeted TM BBQ Daniel Vaughn earlier who said after Martin’s BBQ, I should try Peg Leg Porker BBQ.  Low and behold it was on my way to the airport. Peg Leg Porker is a really cool restaurant started by a competition team near downtown Nashville.  The team is a well known in the KCBS world, especially in the SouthEast.  So I had to stop by and try a sandwich on my way back home.
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A Lockhart Roadtrip – BBQ

A November trip to Austin necessitated a run on Lockhart BBQ.  When in the Mecca of Texas BBQ, you find yourself talking the highs and lows of what makes good BBQ.  But where do you go?  On Friday, a buddy and I found ourselves at Black’s BBQ.  Black’s has long since been on my “must try” list so we headed there for dinner.  When my friend started asking if Black’s was better than town fav Kreutz Market, I found myself smiling.  “Why don’t we go there tomorrow for dinner and you can tell me?”  So a weekend of smoked meat began.

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CT’s Real Deal BBQ – Dallas, TX

Brisket and Sausage Plate

As I continue going through my list of BBQ places, I land in sunny Oak Cliff.  CTs Real Deal BBQ is #10 in Daniel Vaughn’s Best BBQ in Dallas article appearing in D Magazine in 2010.  CTs is a neighborhood type place in the middle of Oak Cliff.  Located next door to a car wash, our Saturday trip provided the crowd needed to understand the heart of Oak Cliff.  As we parked, we saw several workers taking a break under trees.  They were eating lunch.  They were eating CT’s.
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Baker’s Ribs – Dallas, TX

In honor of National BBQ Month, another BBQ Review for you.

With 10 locations in the US, primarily Texas, Baker’s Ribs stakes its claim to the best ribs around. Their slogan, “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best” attracted me to a plate of Ribs and Sausage to see what the fuss is about. On a cold winter Saturday, I grabbed the wife and we ordered up some ‘que.  Continue reading

North Main BBQ – Euless, TX

North Main BBQ’s name is perfect.  Where is it?  Euless.  Exactly where is it?  North Main St in Euless.  Open only Friday to Sunday, North Main BBQ is some of the best ‘que that DFW has to offer.  $12 gets you a white plate that allows you to come back as much as you want.  In my book, and wallet, that’s the best deal in town. Found in D Magazines Best BBQ in DFW article, NM proudly takes its place as some of the best around.
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