Martin’s BBQ – Nolensville, TN

The best BBQ in Tennessee is certainly Martin’s BBQ in Nolensville, TN.  Now a chain with 3 locations in TN, I ventured to the original location during a recent work trip.  This place is simply awesome.  Their pit smoked whole hog bbq is the big draw.  And it does not disappoint.  

The smoky rich pork from my pulled pork plate had the perfect kiss of smoke and tang from their Sweet Dixie BBQ sauce.  The sweet vinegar and tomato sauce perfectly accents the slow roasted pork.  This is true SouthEastern style pulled pork.  I can see why its tops of many Tennessee BBQ lists.

The biggest surprise was the brisket.  I rarely find good brisket outside of Texas or Kansas City.  Martin’s was pretty darn good.  It had a great smoke ring and deep beef flavor.  I was impressed.  The only issue was the slight sweet taste from the sugar in the rub.  I am not a fan of sweet beef so it was noticeable but not horrible.


I would go back to try the world famous sides I could not try.  I opted for the fries and beans which were both decent.  However the popular Mac and Cheese and Hushpuppies were what I was craving.  Evidently they were too popular and sold out on a Sunday night.

I found this video on Youtube of the place.  It shows the pit that resides in the middle of the dining room and how they prep the whole hog.  Really cool stuff.

The food was great.  Amazing pulled pork and decent brisket.  Value was on par with any bbq place and I would certainly revisit.

F – 4

V – 3

R – 3.5

Martin’s BBQ was part of a TMBBQ Tennessee by Texas Monthly BBQ Editor Daniel Vaughn.

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