Liberty Burger – Dallas, TX

Competing with the ever popular burger joints popping up along Dallas, Liberty Burger has to be my current favorite. One trip to one of their two locations, and you will see why. They truly serve something different in a now overrun burger town.

Opened at the end of 2011, the original Forest and Inwood location never knows a slow day. The place is always packed (except on Sundays when this location is closed). A weekend visit to the quaint North Dallas location will require a wait. So much so the staff orchestrates table assignments as you order at the counter. Don’t be surprised if you know your table number twenty minutes before you place your order. The place is that popular…and that small.

It sure doesn’t hurt that Liberty Burger has Dallas royalty in its blood. Started by Mariel Street, daughter of famed restaurateur Gene Street (See Black Eyed Pea, Good Eats, and partial ownership of El Chico), Liberty Burger’s clean upscale presentation is a winner. The LCD menu system cleanly shows all your burger choices as it then fades in and out of a spotlight of each item. A truly great idea. However when their second location at Keller Springs and the Tollway opened, they abandoned this concept for a sit down restaurant with seven-day service replacing the counter. It still works

The Liberty Burger and Fries
The Liberty Burger and Fries

Their all natural “ethos” says it all. All natural beef, grass-fed bison, and other locally sustainable ingredients makes Liberty Burger the Wrestlemania of local/sustainable versus a neighborhood burger place. Farm to table for sure with the winner of this Royal Rumble being your belly.

The Nooner
The Nooner

The Baby Bella burger is a surefire favorite. The burger is topped with baby bella mushrooms, an onion ring, and queso fresco oozing cheese and satisfaction. The South of the Burger includes avocado, refried beans, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, and home-made pico de gallo. YUM! The ultimate hangover cure is the Nooner. This burger is topped with cheese, bacon, ham, hash browns, ketchup, and a fried egg. Hungry yet? The great thing about Liberty is they also offer tuna, turkey, chicken, and veggie options. The bison burger is great too.

Liberty Burger Onion Rings
Liberty Burger Onion Rings

Their sides are great. Shoestring fries, thick cut onion rings, and sweet potato fries are classic and done well. I find them to be a delivery method for their horseradish mustard. Their house made (and now available for purchase) horseradish herbal mustard is to die for. In addition to smothering my burger with it, I can kill half a bottle with the fries. If you are a mustard fan, you must try! Although not for everyone, mustard lovers will devour reverently. Like the competition, LB offers chipotle ketchup as well.

As their website states, give me liberty or let me starve. I think you will feel the same after one visit.

D Magazine First look at Liberty Burger

F – 4

V – 3

R – 3

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