Taco Joint – Dallas, TX

Find yourself craving tacos amidst the Dallas taco craze?  Me too!  I have eaten more and more tacos lately.  Not all places are surefire winners.  There are two camps to approaching a taco shack menu.  Some follow expressionist ideals by grabbing sour cream and salsa squeeze bottles and serve a place of tacos mirroring a Pollack painting.  Others follow more traditional flavors and presentations by focusing on great executions of classic taco flavors.  One of these great places is The Taco Joint.

Venture out towards Baylor hospital near Deep Ellum on Peak Street and land at The Taco Joint.  Located in a modest storefront near Swiss Avenue, The Taco Joint slings great tacos to quench that taco hunger.  Their success has been tremendous with a healthy lunch and dinner crowd.  The breakfast tacos are amazing as well solving the morning commute munchies.  Some may say this location isn’t in the best part of town, but the growing Swiss Avenue neighborhood shows up daily for good grub.  This success has continued to a second restaurant off Mockingbird and Abrams.  As their slogan says they are “Right across the street from where shady deals are done.”

Taco Joint Fajita Tacos

The best tacos are the ones from the Joint’s grill.  Fajita tacos are really tasty.  Their steak and chicken are well marinated pair great with the soft tortillas.  The tender steak with a slight garlic and onion flavor are a favorite.  I love great grilled fajita steak where the marinade not only flavors but tenderizes.  The chicken proves tender and juicy.  I love the chicken on their traditional salad.  It goes well with fresh avocado, cheese, and jalapeño ranch dressing.  The spicy pork proved spicy but slightly muted on my most recent visit.  The heavy dose of extra juices were to blame.  Taco Joint also offers brisket, fish, and vegetarian options.  Be sure to check out the board at the register for any specials tacos.

The typical sides of rice and refried beans aren’t anything special.  Skip these sides and ask for the disaster.  The disaster is their chips and queso with sirloin, guacamole, and pico de gallo thrown in.  The disastrous appetizer pushes past typical queso fair for a wonderful starting treat.

Check out one of Taco Joint’s two locations for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They certainly feed your taco needs even after being taken by the shady place across the street.

F – 3

V – 3

R – 2



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