Intro to Pulled Pork – Part 5 – Get Sauced!

Step 5 to my pulled pork process deals with sauces.

1. Brine
2. Rubs
3. Hardware
4. Smoke and Smoker
5. Sauce
6. The last hours to heavenly goodness

Part 5 – Get Sauced!

Much like a Rub, BBQ Sauces are everywhere you look.  I love a good sauce with my smoked ‘cue.  Sauces can compliment, enhance, distract, or ruin the flavor of good meat.  When it comes to sauces, the base, flavor, heat, sweetness, acidity, and body can make the difference.  For pulled pork, my favorite is a light vinegar based sauce.  I prefer Apple Cider vinegar with a touch of tomato, spices, and heat.  Vinegar compliments pork well.  The sauce bathes the meat and accents our brine and rub perfectly.  It enhances the pork’s lively flavor and finishes with a sharp bite.  For vinegar sauce I make my own.  Here is a simple base:

1.  2 Cups Apple Cider Vinegar
2. 1/2 Cup Ketchup
3. 1/4 Cup Mustard
4. 1/4 Cup Brown Sugar

From here you can get crazy.  Some throw in a few tablespoons of your choice rub.  Some add hot sauce, spices, molasses, and believe it or not mayo.  Whatever your taste have fun with it.  My favorite part about smoking right now is testing rubs and sauces.  It provides some great entertainment.

After all the work in the kitchen, if you want sauce to be an easy fix, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Stubb’s BBQ Sauce – A classic BBQ Sauce
2. The Salt Lick Original Recipe – A tangy mustard type sauce that is amazing with just about anything.
3. Bone Suckin’ Sauce – A sweet and tangy sauce

Whatever your preference, choose a good sauce.  Make your own if you feel adventurous.  If you are buying sauce Don’t go cheap!!!  Generic or store brand sauce will disappoint.  Don’t spend hours creating quality ‘cue to ruin it with cheap and putrid sauce.

I do recognize that many BBQ lovers go sans sauce.  In fact, some of my favorite joints in Central Texas will not offer sauce with their meat.  I respect that.  My pork recipe is amazing without sauce.  But I do prefer a light compliment to my BBQ, it just makes it that much better!

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