Nic’s Grill – OkC, OK

I took a road trip a while back across the Red to Oklahoma. As I usually do with new destinations, I checked the Man v. Food Episode Guide as well as DDD.  However I enjoyed Flavortown USA for some time.  I like that their site will include YouTube video from the show.  At Flavortown, I came across the profile for Nic’s Grill.  I remember watching this episode on DDD because it featured a unique OKC staple that I have never had, Onion Burgers.

Nic’s 15 seat diner is small, really small.  There is a counter with 8 (or so) chairs and a few tables immediately behind the counter.  Space is limited.  It was 11:00 so I figured I would give it a try.  The minute you walk in, Nic and Javon take your order.  Onion burger with curly fries is a must!!  The intimating part is you don’t have a seat…..yet.  As you get your drink, Nic throws your burger on the grill.  And you stand there.  Waiting.  Hoping a seat opens up.  I found myself watching diners and trying to guess who is almost done with lunch.  After 5 minutes, BINGO!  I have a seat at the coveted counter.

Now for a few things to keep in mind from this Texan.  You are in OKC.  For a Longhorn such as myself, this is enemy territory.  ou flags hang everywhere.  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Second, the place is small.  There is a distinct smell of burger grease and onions in the air.  You WILL leave smelling of burger grease.  I compare this to having a lunch facial over a plate of sizzling fajitas.  You will smell burgers and onions until you shower and thoroughly wash your clothes.

Nic's Burger Combo
Nic’s Onion Burger with Curly Fries

With those warnings out-of-the-way, the Onion Burger is quite frankly the best burger I have ever had.  The onions caramelize on the flattop giving them a crispy texture that gushes when you take that big burger bite.  The burger itself has wonderfully crunchy exterior that gives way to tender juicy beef nirvana.  Prepare for astonishment at the prices.  From my visit the burger was up to $4.75 from DDD visit of $4.25.  Nic runs a combo with a drink for $7.50.  But its worth $17.50 to eat that juicy burger with crisp shredded lettuce and cold pickles.

The curly fries are another star that rival the burger.  Fresh cut curly fries fired when ordered.  They arrive piping hot.  Crispy outside gives way to tender cooked potato that screams for more ketchup.  Nic’s onion burger and fries are classic as they come.  If you love onions and burgers, you must visit Nic’s.  Make sure you don’t have an important business meeting or interview after lunch.  Scratch that, if the company is worth working for, they will certainly understand.

F – 4

V – 4

R – 4


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