CT’s Real Deal BBQ – Dallas, TX

As I continue going through my list of BBQ places, I land in sunny Oak Cliff.  CTs Real Deal BBQ is #10 in Daniel Vaughn’s Best BBQ in Dallas article appearing in D Magazine in 2010.  CTs is a neighborhood type place in the middle of Oak Cliff.  Located next door to a car wash, our Saturday trip provided the crowd needed to understand the heart of Oak Cliff.  As we parked, we saw several workers taking a break under trees.  They were eating lunch.  They were eating CT’s.

Walking in to CT’s you get the smell of the smoked meats immediately.  The huge pit towers vertically with light from the live fire glowing below.  Immediately I say to my buddy, “we are in the right place.”  We were greeted by Clarette Toney co-owner of CT’s.  “Hello boys,” she stated as we walked up to the counter.  She could clearly tell we were two white boys that didn’t live in the neighborhood.  We told her we were here for the ‘que and wanted some of her best brisket and sausage.

Brisket and Sausage Plate
Brisket and Sausage Plate

The brisket was amazing.  Easily some of the best brisket in the Dallas side of the Metroplex.  The dense smoke ring shows the meats were slowly smoked to tender tastiness.  The light bark provided a light and salty crust that accented the beef well.  The brisket was perfectly cooked.  Tender and juicy but not gooey, the strands of beef tenderly pulled apart.  Accented by their simple tomato based sauce, the thick slices of brisket disappeared quickly.  The sausage was tasty and juicy.  The casing was a little tough, but the sausage was pre-sliced and easily manageable.  The amazing brisket made the sausage an after thought.

CT’s also serves home cooking.  As we were leaving Clarette told us to come back on a Sunday and, “Don’t forget to bring your wives.”  On Sunday, the after church crowd dominates CT’s for the BBQ and home cooking.  Clarette indicated an average Sunday features 20 different meats and over 30 sides including her favorite Soul Food classics.  I sampled the loaded potatoes and they provided cheesy goodness.  They were good but not amazing. Her promise of over 30 sides has me intrigued. I will certainly return to CT’s.  I may even go on a Sunday to try the Soul Food, but I find it difficult to go to CT’s and NOT order that great Brisket.  Tasty, tasty brisket.

Daniel Vaughn’s writeup at Full Custom Gospel BBQ

F – 4

V – 3

R – 4


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