An Austin Road Trip – Breakfast

In honor of an upcoming weekend trip, I decided to write about that ultimate road trip for Texans.  After countless weekend excursions to Austin, here are my favs with some new places I want to try sprinkled in.  We will start with breakfast.

Well its supposedly the most important meal of the day.  And in A-town, there are plenty of options.  You only have to choose what kind of breakfast you are in the mood for.

1.  Juan in a Million

Breakfast rules at one of the most known breakfast hotspots for a Mexican style meal.  Located on Cesar Chavez just East of 35, Juan’s popularity has grown in the past few years.  Featured on Man vs. Food, Juan’s breakfast challenge is one that many folks head East on Cesar Chavez to try.  But don’t look past the breakfast tacos.  Choices include bacon, potato, refried bean, chorizo, and migas.  You can even get their dried beef called ‘Machado’ with scrambled eggs.  I hear lunch and dinner are also fabulous, however I cannot make it past those tasty breakfast tacos.

2.  Kerbey Lane

Pancakes rock at Kerbey Lane.  With 5 locations across town, Kerbey Lane spits out countless pancakes and breakfast specialties a day.  We typically visit the Guadalupe location right of the drag across from the University.  Specialty seasonal pancakes are featured regularly.  Outside of pancakes, the menu features diner favs like biscuits and gravy or french toast.  Much like Juan, Kerbey Lane also features a lunch and dinner menu with typical diner fare.

3.  Magnolia Cafe

Head to SOCO and you see the “Sorry, We’re Open” sign welcoming you to the Magnolia Cafe.  Also featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Magnolia is a classic Texas café.  All diner staples are here at Magnolia.  But Texas twists are amazing.  Tried and true Tex-Mex dishes like Migas, Chilaquiles, and tacos are options.  But you can also get chicken fried steak and eggs and their popular Texas Benedict.  Featuring a grilled sausage and chipotle holandaise, it is Texas to the max.

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