Niko Niko’s – Houston, TX

Niko Niko’s is fun Greek food. Great Greek food? No. But good version of family Greek abound at this Houston hotspot. Opened as a pickup window in 1977, the popularity of Niko Niko’s grew into what is Houston’s Greek mecca. So much so its busy lunch and dinner rush brought it to popularity and the pinnacle of a feature on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Delicious Gyro

Niko Niko’s started as a Gyro drive-up window. And in Gyro they trust. I first heard of Niko Niko’s in 2004 on a work visit to Houston. Since my first taste of their Gyro, I have never entered the city limits without a visit. The Gyro comes stuffed with a lightly seasoned mix of lamb and beef that is shaved to crispy perfection. It is then thrown into a warm pita and topped with onion, tomato, and tzatziki. The crunch of the spicy sweet onion sits well with the seasoned meat and cooling tzatziki. The Niko Niko tzatziki is not the “punch you in the face” tzatziki found on your typical Gyro. Its subtle yet flavorful delivery soothes the onion perfectly and gives the Gyro a great finish. This isn’t the best Gyro you will ever have, but it is certainly a good one. Don’t believe me? Ask Houston. Niko Niko’s goes through 15 spits of Gyro a day and 12,000 pitas a week.

Gyro Plate with French Fries

The french fries at Niko Niko’s are not to be missed. They feature the twice fried french fries that have grown in popularity. The Dolmathes are fantastic as well. These meat stuffed grape leaves are some of the best I’ve had. Not feeling a Gyro, check out the Greek meatballs known as Souzoukakia. Served hot topped with tomato sauce and feta, they are truly a “Greek” twist on the Italian classic. As you can see from the video below, Niko Niko’s serves some great homemade Greek food that will leave you satisfied.

F – 3

V – 4

R – 3

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