North Main BBQ – Euless, TX

North Main BBQ’s name is perfect.  Where is it?  Euless.  Exactly where is it?  North Main St in Euless.  Open only Friday to Sunday, North Main BBQ is some of the best ‘que that DFW has to offer.  $12 gets you a white plate that allows you to come back as much as you want.  In my book, and wallet, that’s the best deal in town. Found in D Magazines Best BBQ in DFW article, NM proudly takes its place as some of the best around.

The White Plate

The choices are plentiful at NM.  Your choices on the buffet include traditional Brisket, Sausage, and ribs.  But don’t pass up the Pulled Pork and Chicken.  Both great additions to Texas traditional fare.  The Pulled Pork was engulfed in a fine deep smoke ring.  Grab a chunk of the bark (the outer black crust) and you’re in pork heaven.  The slightly peppery rub encrusts the pork that makes a great sandwich on the never-ending Mrs. Bairds Bread.

Ribs and Brisket is where NMBBQ rocks.  Gaining national acclaim from Food Network’s: The Best Thing I Ever Ate, the Brisket was amazing.  It was slightly toothsome with a juicy give once bitten.  Again the crust on the beef was amazingly tasty and provided a deep smoky beef flavor.  But the true star at NMBBQ are the Ribs.  A slight smoke ring encompasses some of the best ribs I have had.  The tender meat immediately gave way from the bone.  After grabbing two on my first “sampler” plate, I had to go back and get four more ribs.  They are that addictive.

Over the past few months since my visit, I’ve mentioned NM to several folks when talking BBQ.  I’m amazed by how many people have been there and immediately say that place is great.  I only wish they had told me about it sooner.

F – 3

V – 3

R – 3

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