A Tale of Two Cupcakes

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes. They are all the rage currently in our fair berg. We here at Food Jedi wanted to take a second to ask, “What makes a good cupcake?”

Let’s take a look at two different cupcake places that you may not have ventured to yet. First look at Gigi’s cupcakes.

Gigi’s Box of Treats

Gigi’s Cupcakes is new to the Dallas “cup” scene. The Dallas location at Inwood and Lovers has been open for only a few months. Part of the larger GIGI’s Franchise, the Dallas outpost arrives late to the party but with the explosive popularity of any fellow cupcake establishment.

4 Mountains of Icing

Packaged in a nice box, Gigi’s cupcakes are tall…..really tall. What you first notice about Gigi’s is the amount of icing topping the cake. The soft dense cake is at first impressive. But as you bite further into the cake, the more it reminds you of mixing a batch at home with mom…..out of a box. The cake lacks some of the unique twists and turns offered by many of the fellow cupcakeries offering a taste at the $3+ price level.

Christmas Vanilla Butter Cream

The icing is another story. Icing rules at Gigi’s. Fan of icing? Head to Gigi’s for a creamy sugary mix stacked to the highest levels. The basic butter cream is extremely tasty and not overly sweet. As for me, I prefer cake and icing more proportioned. Gigi’s does offer a variety of flavors beyond the traditional vanilla cupcake with butter cream. Like most cupcake boutiques, the flavors offered change daily so take a trip to their website before a trip to the store.

Society’s Box of Goodies

Society Bakery features the balanced cupcake to icing ratio that I like. The primary location is found at Greenville & McCommas (upper, lower Greenville), next to the fabulous corner market, Society Bakery came to life in 2003 not necessarily as a cupcakery, but as a boutique bakery in Dallas. They offer a full variety of cupcakes, cookies, cakes and whoopie pies. Their cupcakes are popular in Dallas, so popular they are a favorite of Ellen Degeneres featured in her Top 10 Cupcakes.

Society’s Spice Cupcake

First glimpse of the society cake seems plain. But these cakes are far from. The cake showcases a more unique taste from a variety of ingredients. Their blog states their “use the finest ingredients (Callebaut, Guittard, Hershey’s, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Real Butter).” And those ingredients provide a deeply richer cake than Gigi’s. The icing too is far from traditional butter creams. The flavors hit your taste buds quickly and give you an intensely sugary punch. But it’s not only the icing that gives some of the Society cakes a kick. Society also features flavors with fun fillings.

Society’s Brooklyn Blackout

This is the Brooklyn Blackout that is a chocolate lovers dream. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing and a chocolate custard filling sends you into a chocolate coma. The creamy filling compliments the dense cake and ganache icing. Other flavors at Society include Banana Pudding, Boston Cream, and German Chocolate.

It comes down to what you like, loads of icing with a mediocre cake, or a fuller flavored cupcake with some surprises inside. My money is on Society, but I am sure you icing fans already disagree.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cupcakes

  1. I completely agree with you, Jedi. I’ve been a Society fan from the beginning. I haven’t even tried Sprinkles and some of the other popular cupcakeries because I am so devoted to SB. Their banana chocolate chip and red velvet are my absolute favorites… SO rich and delicious.

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