The Birth of Piggy Sue and Jedi ‘cue (A love affair)

Last year my brother-in-law purchased himself a Green Egg.  With this mighty new tool, he had no need for his old Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe.  It was rusted and needed a bit of work.  He offered it to me for a project which I graciously accepted.  In September I began working on the restoration in my free time.  Since some of you have asked about it, below is my picture “scrapbook” of the project.

Here is what it looked like when I received it

This is Piggy Sue Pre-Makeover
Inside Rusted Smoke Chamber
Inside Rusted Firebox
Starting Outter Pieces
Rusted Firebox Lid

With the assistance of a chemical stripper, a grinding wheel, and an angle grinder, the slow process of removing rust and reconditioning the steel began.

Stripping the bottom of the Smoke Chamber

This is what it looks like after stripping and ready for paint

Side of the Firebox that was stripped and ground

After three coats of High Temp Grill Paint

Repainted and Ready to go
Repainted Smoke Chamber

My first custom addition was Firebrick in the Firebox.  It assist in maintaining heat in for prolonged cooking and assists with rust prevention.

I lined the Firebox with Firebrick to prevent rust and hold the heat
Got the Firebox going

With the main restoration work complete and the first round of customization done, its time to test Piggy Sue to see how good the ‘cue tastes.  I decided to smoke a couple of Pork Shoulders.  I also wanted to try a killer Smokey Garlic Onion recipe I saw online.  Sounded like a perfect way to end 2010.

I took Laird’s Spicy Rub Mix and let the rub marinade the pork shoulders overnight.
Cranky Buzzard’s Smokey Garlic Onion

The finish product looked amazing.  Why not throw on some sausages too?

Smoked Pork Shoulder
Yummy Sausage and Smoked Garlicy Onion

The BBQ was great.  It had a solid smoke ring with a deep smokey flavor.  The meat was tender and juicy.  It made for great pulled pork sandwiches.  The Smokey Garlic Onion was the BOMB.  It didn’t have much of on onion flavor, but had a deep smokey flavor accented by the garlic and the rub.  It will be in the rotation for sure.  More BBQ from Piggy Sue soon!!!

6 thoughts on “The Birth of Piggy Sue and Jedi ‘cue (A love affair)

  1. I tasted the glorious creations from Piggy Sue. I can speak first-hand to the greatness of this culinary Queen.

    I enjoyed the left-overs as well. Smoked pork and sausage were fantastic. Just wait until Jed masters this process!?!

    Food Jedi Fan For Life.

    -The Perfect Nacho

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