Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano – Dallas, TX

The Tex-Mex landscape in Dallas is bountiful and at times overwhelming. There are so many great places to eat in what many consider the birthplace of popular Tex-Mex. Long time resident Rafa’s Cafe Mexicano on Lovers Lane between the Tollway and Inwood certainly deserves your visit as it is my favorite in Dallas. 
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The Gumbo Bar – Galveston, TX

Finding good seafood in Galveston can be surprisingly challenging. Believe it or not, many seafood restaurants serve frozen seafood on their menu. It’s totally beyond me. A few years back we had trouble finding a place that wasn’t sold out of soft shell crab.  We finally stumbled onto The Gumbo Bar on Post Office Street, little did we know we found what would become a staple in our Galveston adventures. 
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Leon’s World’s Finest In & Out Barbecue – Galveston, TX

The Texas Monthly Top 50 Barbecue List is a coveted list that any self respecting Barbecue Joint aspires for.  When the list was published I was not surprised that Leon’s was on the list. Why?  My dad (who lives in Galveston) kept telling me about this great little place that serves great ribs. I knew a trip the Leon’s would be required on my next visit.
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Peg Leg Porker BBQ – Nashville, TN

With my work day done and a few hours to spare before heading to the airport, it was time for some dinner.  I could have hit up Nashville’s well known hot chicken scene or settled for some home cooking.  But I wanted one last taste (at least for this trip) of Tennessee style pulled pork.  I had tweeted TM BBQ Daniel Vaughn earlier who said after Martin’s BBQ, I should try Peg Leg Porker BBQ.  Low and behold it was on my way to the airport. Peg Leg Porker is a really cool restaurant started by a competition team near downtown Nashville.  The team is a well known in the KCBS world, especially in the SouthEast.  So I had to stop by and try a sandwich on my way back home.
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Liberty Burger – Dallas, TX

Competing with the ever popular burger joints popping up along Dallas, Liberty Burger has to be my current favorite. One trip to one of their two locations, and you will see why. They truly serve something different in a now overrun burger town.

Opened at the end of 2011, the original Forest and Inwood location never knows a slow day. The place is always packed (except on Sundays when this location is closed). A weekend visit to the quaint North Dallas location will require a wait. So much so the staff orchestrates table assignments as you order at the counter. Don’t be surprised if you know your table number twenty minutes before you place your order. The place is that popular…and that small.
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A Lockhart Roadtrip – BBQ

A November trip to Austin necessitated a run on Lockhart BBQ.  When in the Mecca of Texas BBQ, you find yourself talking the highs and lows of what makes good BBQ.  But where do you go?  On Friday, a buddy and I found ourselves at Black’s BBQ.  Black’s has long since been on my “must try” list so we headed there for dinner.  When my friend started asking if Black’s was better than town fav Kreutz Market, I found myself smiling.  “Why don’t we go there tomorrow for dinner and you can tell me?”  So a weekend of smoked meat began.

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